What is Di Hydro Testosterone?

Dihydrotestosterone is a male hormone or an androgen. The fundamental capacity of androgens is the improvement of bone tissue just as sex attributes at pubescence stage, for example, development of pubic hairs and whiskers. Dihydrotestosterone hormones are increasingly dynamic in incipient organisms and embryos for formative in guys. The hormone is gotten from the mix … Continue reading "What is Di Hydro Testosterone?"

Did Reg Park Take Steroids?

Today, the most famous and senior bodybuilder is Arnold. Every conversation of bodybuilding is incomplete without the Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today or modern bodybuilder idol and influence is Arnold while 7 x Mr. Olympia champion idol and mentor was Reg Park. We have already discussed the steroid status of many new bodybuilders while this time is … Continue reading "Did Reg Park Take Steroids?"